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Airport Cars Christchurch UK 01202 285088


 Private Hire 'Taxi' Vehicles 1-7 passengers for air and port transfers to Heathrow, Southampton  from Christchurch Dorset UK area.

Any other areas please feel free to enquire

Guide line prices only,

01202 285 088 - better still why not e mail us :-

 tel 01202 285 088 + answer phone

Overses-tel-044 1202 285 088

09.00am -5.00pm 7 days a week thereafter answer phone

For all other prices please contact us prefereably by e mail


You can pay by credit card, there is a handling charge for this service.2-3 %


 NOTE:-Prices below for guideance only (one way) please contact us for a firm quotation- by e mail.

 Christchurch from BH23 

Estate cars 1-2 people 3xcases price in £ :-

BIA airport -    prices from £25.00

Southampton airport-from  £55.00

Southampton docks-  from 60.00

Portsmouth Docks - from 80.00

Heathrow T5-          from 105.00

Gatwick S                from 125

Luton Airport        from 139

Twickenham price from 130

Waterloo, St. Pancras from 145

Estate car 3-4 people x 4cases

BIA airport -    prices from 35.00

Southampton airport- prices from 65

Southampton docks- prices from 68.00

Portsmouth Docks -prices from 88.00

Heathrow T5-prices from 115.00

Gatwick S prices from 135

Luton Airport -prices from 150

Twickenham price start from 140

Waterloo, St. Pancras from 155 

        MPV+ 5/6 paxs  MPV + 6/7   paxs  8xbags

BIA                    £45.00         N/A

Southampton   £80.00         £N/A

South.Docks   £85.00          £N/A

Portsmouth     £90.00          £N/A

Heathrow T5  £145.00        £N/A

Gatwick South £150.00       £N/A

Luton airport £155.00       £N/A

Twickenham £148.00         £N/A

St Pancras     £160.00        £N/A

Waterloo       £160.00        £N/A


All other areas and travel service requirements, business executive, holiday,family, student travel, to heathrow, Southampton docks etc.,

Quoted on Enquiry we love e mails so why not drop us a line with all your requirments so we can get back to you with a firm quotation.

 01202 285 088




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