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Airport Cars Christchurch UK 01202 461 872


 Private Hire 'Taxi' Vehicles 1-7 passengers for air and port transfers to Heathrow, Southampton  from Christchurch Dorset UK area.

Any other areas please feel free to enquire

Guide line prices only,

01202 461 872 better still why not e mail us :-

 tel 01202 461872 + answer phone

Overses-tel-044 1202 461 872

09.00am -5.00pm 7 days a week thereafter answer phone

For all other prices please contact us prefereably by e mail


You can pay by credit card, there is a handling charge for this service.2-3 %


 NOTE:-Prices below for guideance only (one way) please contact us for a firm quotation- by e mail.

 Christchurch from BH23 

Estate cars 1-2 people 3xcases price in £ :-

BIA airport -    prices from £25.00

Southampton airport-from  £58

Southampton docks-  from 60.00

Portsmouth Docks - from 80.00

Heathrow T5-          from 105.00

Gatwick S                from 125

Luton Airport        from 139

Twickenham price from 130

Waterloo, St. Pancras from 145

Estate car 1-4 people x 4cases

BIA airport -    prices from 30.00

Southampton airport- prices from 65

Southampton docks- prices from 68.00

Portsmouth Docks -prices from 88.00

Heathrow T5-prices from 125.00

Gatwick S prices from 145

Luton Airport -prices from 150

Twickenham price start from 140

Waterloo, St. Pancras from 155 

        MPV+ 5/6 paxs  MPV + 6/7   paxs  8xbags

BIA                    £45.00         N/A

Southampton   £80.00         £N/A

South.Docks   £85.00          £N/A

Portsmouth     £90.00          £N/A

Heathrow T5  £145.00        £N/A

Gatwick South £150.00       £N/A

Luton airport £155.00       £N/A

Twickenham £148.00         £N/A

St Pancras     £160.00        £N/A

Waterloo       £160.00        £N/A


All other areas and travel service requirements, business executive, holiday,family, student travel, to heathrow, Southampton docks etc.,

Quoted on Enquiry we love e mails so why not drop us a line with all your requirments so we can get back to you with a firm quotation.

 01202 461872




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